Welcome to our new site

Welcome to our new site!

We hope you like it so please leave all your comments and suggestions below.

– Anna


  1. Jenny says:

    Loving your new website Miss Anna 😀 It’s fab just like Shimmin Dance!!!

  2. Andy Sergison says:

    Well done Anna – the web site looks amazing – very professional!!
    Can’t wait to see some photos on here too! Hannah’s passion for dancing has come to life again since coming to Shimmin Dance – she’s loving it xxx

  3. Kirstie Dakin says:

    Loving the website Anna, Paige and Isabelle really look forward to thursdays dance class, it has really helped with their confidence xxxx

  4. Deb Ellison says:

    LOVING the new website Sis! Love following Shimmin Dance! xxx

  5. Hannah says:

    miss anna it looks AMAZING! 🙂

  6. Miss Anna says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! So glad you all like it! x x

  7. Amelia Quigley says:

    Miss Anna, So proud of you and your amazing dance school, thank you so much for everything you do! Moving to your dance school was the best decision i’ve ever made and teaching with you is an honour x x

  8. Amy Platt says:

    Would just like to say I’m enjoying watching this dance school grow, and from everything Amelia’s been telling me it’s going to be great seeing it take part in bigger and greater things. I was able to see the way the children looked up to you as an older sister with love and adoration. I found this very inspiring , I think being loved in such a way by all of whom you teach, is very vital in how these little wonders will prosper in the big world of dance, they’ll understand what dance really is, that it isnt your buisness this is your life! You inspire from your GREAT and CONSTANT smile and giggles and i know this dance school will become one of the greatest, because it wont be about money, it will be about every little dancer’s smile as they leave after their classes. Like it should be. <3 <3

    P.s, No snail 😉 ?

  9. Wendie says:

    Love the site Anna, you have always had a natural rapport with young dancers and I wish you all the best in the future and hope you have many wonderful, successful years with your Dance school xxx

  10. Charlotte proffitt says:

    The show was absolutely fantastic last night we enjoyed it just as much as Aimee loved starring in it, everyone was brilliant… Looking forward to next years already!! Xxx